European FP7 programme

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PROJECT TITLE: “Addictions and Lifestyle in Contemporary Europe – Project on a New Framework for Addictions”;
The National School of Public Health Management and Health Training Bucharest participates in this project on the basis of a subcontract. The SNSPMPDSB is involved in Work Package 5 on “Estimating addictions at population level”, with the responsibility to collect available information on the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug and gambling use and addiction.



FUNDING SOURCE: European Commission

PROJECT DURATION: 5 years (2011-2015)

PURPOSE: The project is a European one, involving researchers and institutions from 25 European countries and aims to analyse the situation and consequences of addictions and lifestyle on the cohesion, organisation and functioning of European society.


  1. Provide an epidemiological perspective on alcohol, tobacco, drug and gambling addiction in different countries;
  2. Estimated prevalence of addiction by country, by sex and age;
  3. Determining the prevalence of abuse and harmful use;
  4. Estimates of mortality, years of life lost and burden of disease attributable to addictions and substance use by country, sex and age.