Consultancy and technical assistance

The National Institute for Health Services Management (INMSS) has for many years been a technical advisory forum for the main actors in the health services system.

In this respect, the NPHS participates proactively in the evidence-based scientific underpinning of proposals for policies, strategies and interventions in the field of public health and health management in order to improve the effectiveness, quality, safety and efficiency of health services.

The directions for action in the field of technical advice and assistance:

  • Provides technical assistance and consultancy in the field of health services management;
  • Conduct population and service provider surveys to assess health service coverage and needs for health services and/or population health programmes and in collaboration with the National Institute of Public Health, hereinafter referred to as INSP, for preventive services;
  • It collects data electronically on hospital medical services and on this basis monitors and analyses the activity of health units;
  • It classifies discharged patients by diagnostic groups, analyses, monitors and confirms cases reported by health units, studies, develops and improves the system for classifying patients by diagnostic groups;
  • It calculates costs and relative values for diagnostic groups, proposes changes in relative values or rates per diagnostic group and rates per case, under the coordination of the Ministry of Health;
  • Participates in the development of automated systems and computer programs within the health system for the classification of patients by diagnostic groups, clinical data collection and coding, and health service management for research and development purposes;
  • Develop performance and quality criteria for health service providers and in collaboration with INSP for preventive services;
  • It carries out analysis and monitoring activities of the health services paid from the Single National Health Insurance Fund, on the basis of the contracts concluded with the National Health Insurance House, for hospital medical services provided to the insured in order to contract and settle them by the health insurance houses, under the conditions of the framework contract approved by Government decision;
  • Provides, at the request of the NPHS, data on hospital health services to assess the health status of the population;
  • Produces annual reports on geographical coverage of health services;
  • Proposes measures to achieve equitable geographical coverage of health services.